Staff Appreciation at Latham

There is no better way to recognize our dedicated staff than by using their own words of appreciation. In just 3 weeks, the internal “Shout-outs” within our Children’s Program staff created many pages of accolades. Below is just a sampling of randomly chosen shout-outs.   Our staff members’ words remind us of the values at the heart of our work culture. (Pictured: Several new members of our Latham team at the October new-hire Orientation Training.)

 October Staff Appreciation – just a sampling of Shout-Out quotes:

  • Thank you to Brynn and Sam for all of their teamwork and help with our students!

  • Ashley T is our new addition, and she is doing an absolutely fantastic job, asking lots of questions and working well with the kids, thanks for your help with decorating the suit.

  • Brittney for rocking her new position – we are so happy to have her on the overnight!

  • Amanda is flexible and works successfully wherever she is on campus.

  • Kelly is a wonderful addition to the schoolhouse.

  • Ron S is steady and dependable, and the Vineyard girls love him!

  • I think Maureen is incredible.

  • I would like to recognize Marissa C. for her ongoing dedication with teamwork, and her attention and calm demeanor. You do such a wonderful job with our students!

  • Danny for always listening, and for all his support towards staff and our students, he is just awesome!

  • Arleen for her hard work, helping the kids with their missing buttons, mending their clothes and most of all her pleasantness and support of our students.

  • Rory for being a rock, he works so well with the students, keeping them calm and supporting them to make the right choices.

  • Karina you are a rock, you work so well with the kids and WOW what a great job decorating Setucket, amazing!

  • Jose, welcome back, it’s so good to see you working with the kids, you do an amazing job, thanks for all your support!

  • Thank you to Maintenance for keeping us all safe and informed after the storm!

  • Chris B, we love having you on the overnight, you are the real deal!

  • I always appreciate Gerry for always lending a helping hand.

  • Laura H, you are amazing. Thanks for dealing with it all with a smile!!!

  • Chris B is the man!!!  Thanks for always helping.

  • Newcomers Ashlee, Mary, and Shauni are already doing great things with the kids.  Welcome to the Latham family!!!

  • Katie J., your very presence makes me smile and feel calm.  You should give lessons on how to be zen.

  • Jacqueline, we miss you so much in res but you are totally rocking your new position.

  • Brogan, your lesson on verbs was excellent!  I feel encouraged for the survival of the English language.  I might cry if you diagram sentences….

  • Kelly, I love how you just roll with it with grace and humor.  Thanks.

  • Gerry, your sense of humor saves me sometimes…

  • Melissa S, thanks for being you!  Your enthusiasm is infectious.

  • Joey M. is a rock. Thanks!

  • Thank you to Monique and all of the amazing staff that made Special Olympics happen this season!

  • Melissa, thank you for all of your outstanding communication!

  • Anne G, thank you for always supporting us from the sidelines!

  • Thank you to Bonnie for always being so knowledgeable and approachable!

  • Jacqueline for being such a warrior!

  • Brynn for always being calm and consistent.

  • Sam for her enthusiasm and willingness to pitch in.

  • Chelsea for her sensitivity and advocacy for her students.

  • Bill for being the rock of the clinical dept.

  • Judy for her humor and generosity.

  • Carlyn for fitting in and jumping in ready to do the work.

  • Heather for her wit and reliability.

  • Delaney for her calm presence and kindness.

  • Vicky for her insights and calm demeanor.

  • Kaitlyn S for having a good handle on her students’ needs and how best to support them.

  • Katie J for her kindness and consistency with her students.

  • Matt for staying calm and being willing to try different approaches to help his students.

  • Meghan F for her kindness, consistency, and understanding of student needs.

…. And there are so many more. The uplifting words of our colleagues are inspiring to everyone, from our brand new staff members to our seasoned direct support professionals with decades of experience. Thank you all!


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