SPRING! A time of new beginnings, sunny skies, and GROWTH!

In the Latham Centers 2022 Spring Appeal, we celebrate the extraordinary team of clinicians, educators, and direct-care professionals that works together to bring hope, change, and growth to young people and adults who face tough challenges. Also highlighted is Latham’s vocational programming, which fosters self-confidence and independence — teaching skills that our students and adults can use and build upon to help them lead the fulfilling and meaningful lives that everyone deserves.

Our 2022 Spring Appeal, mailed earlier this month, included a seeded paper bookmark made by our Latham students. Recipients of the appeal can plant the bookmark and watch the flowers grow!

In the words of a Latham student and t-shirt contest winner, “At Latham, people grow at different rates and work hard to grow into a better person.” I couldn’t have said it better myself!

-Erica Robinson, Advancement Officer

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