Specialized instruments create new music experiences for students

The Children’s Program Holiday Concert showcased some of our new grant-funded instruments, and as promised in Wednesday’s blog post, Katrina Fryklund summarizes each musical component:

The Auto Harp (pictured above) helps create positive music experiences – there are keys on one side of the instrument labeled with different music notes and strings on the other. This adaptive instrument is utilized in group and individual lessons, is easy to play, and helps create chord and note patterns with less fine motor skill required. It helps to reinforce the positive experience by offering “no wrong notes.”

Music in Motion: Music-Go-Round manipulatives are versatile music teaching tools that help kids learn music through both a visual and tactile sensory experience. Both the group and individual sized musical learning system matches note names and tones with specific colors. Through this unique system, students are learning to track patterns to create melodies as a group, create chords together, as well as beginning note and rhythm music reading on varied instruments including the piano, hand bells, Boomwhackers, and chimes. (See above image of the music note/color coordination display.)

Drums: Students really enjoy playing on drum lids atop recycled buckets (pictured above). The Remo Rhythm Lids are high quality, economical drums that can be used either as hand-played frame drums, or over buckets to amplify their sound and encourage gross motor movement playing with mallets. Rhythm Lids offer Remo’s “Comfort Sound Technology,” ideal for our students. “This type of head has a big vibration with a focused, controlled sound that delivers beautiful tone, while remaining accessible for individuals or groups with sound sensitivities or sensory seeking behaviors” (www.westmusic.com). Soundscape instruments enhance the wellness and mindfulness practices that are an integral part of our students’ routines.

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