Special Needs Adults to Display Their Art Work and Crafts At Yarmouth Seaside Festival Columbus Day Weekend


Latham Centers’ adult residents will be displaying and selling their unique art work and crafts as participants in the Arts & Crafts Fair at the 38th annual Yarmouth Seaside Festival at Joshua Sears Memorial Field in Yarmouth, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, October 8th and Sunday, October 9th.
 Our residents enjoy creating a wide variety of art and craft items and take pride in their work. Festivals like this one give them the opportunity to share their work with the community. A small portion of the profits from the sale of their works will go towards buying more materials for them to make crafts for the Latham Centers Holiday Craft Fair later in the year. They feel so proud when they earn their own money to spend on special things.” according to Maura Smith, Latham Centers Director of Vocational Services.
Latham Centers’ philosophy includes “Circle of Courage” principles such as:  Independence, Mastery, and Belonging.  This seaside festival lets our special needs adults realize these principles:  Independence– they can earn their own money; Mastery– they can create their own products; and Belonging– they are part of a team of vendors at the Yarmouth Seaside Festival.”
Art works and crafts designed for this year’s Yarmouth Seaside Festival will have an ocean theme and include: Jewelry, table centerpieces, knitted potholders and coasters, Christmas decorations, and more.
For a full schedule of events at the Yarmouth Seaside Festival, Click HERE:


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