Sharing Latham students’ collaborative poetry, “The Beach”

A poem entitled “The Beach” – created by some of our Latham students – is featured in a new Latham Centers publication written for the Prader-Willi syndrome community.  The poem (and the book) are beautiful works of collaboration!  In the poem, students capture the sounds, feels, tastes, smells, and sights of the beach, and how the beach makes them feel: “The beach makes me feel happy….  The beach makes me feel calm.”  The spectacular sunset photo that accompanies the poem was taken by Kristina (Casanova) Law, our Scheduling Manager*.   

The publication featuring “The Beach” and other student creations, “Understanding the PWS Mindset and Development of Coping Skills,” was written by Patrice Carroll, LCSW (Director of PWS Services) and edited by Katrina Fryklund, MSPC (Director of National Outreach).  In the introductory message from the author, Patrice writes, “This book is dedicated to the residents at Latham Centers. Through perseverance and determination, we witness you grow into lifelong learners and caring community members. Throughout the following pages, you will see samples of their poetry, giving you insight into their complex and magnificent mindsets.”  

For an electronic copy of the ‘PWS Mindset’ booklet, please email  (Printed copies will be available soon).

* Special thanks to Kristina for sharing her photography with Latham Centers.  Though she says, “It’s just a hobby,” we’re in awe of her talent and can’t wait to share more of her work on our website.

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