Respecting All Religions at Latham Centers


Students at Latham Centers come to our beautiful Brewster Campus having experienced many different walks of life. While some identify strongly with a particular religion, such as Catholicism, others may identify with Judaism, or no religion at all. Knowing these differences, it is important that we support EACH student as best as possible.
It is the staff’s job at Latham Centers to expose all of our students to experiences that make them well rounded people, and to encourage them to explore their own (safe) interests. Staff noticed a desire for two students to attend Our Lady of Cape Catholic Church, and answered that need. Now, Maura Smith, Director of Vocational Programming, now takes those two students a couple times a month to the local church. While attending Mass they are respectful of their peers and Latham Staff (learning life skills), and are simultaneously addressing their personal desire to attend services.
Just the other day, Katrina Fryklund, Director of Development, was chatting with a member of the Church of the Holy Spirit who spoke about an optional religious service hosted on campus by Church Members. At this in-house service, approximately 12 students opted to attend. All students in attendance were eager to be involved in a community activity that involved singing, while some were more interested in the religious aspect! Both the visitors to Latham Campus, and residents raved about the great time that was had by all.
Whether it’s a church group coming to campus, or students visiting a church off campus, it is a beautiful thing to see students exploring areas of interest that are unique to their individual self.

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