Residential Activities excite students and staff

During Latham School vacation weeks, many of our students stay on campus. Staff work together to coordinate fun activities so students can enjoy a relaxed and leisurely week – while keeping the structure and routine that’s so important at Latham. The list of activities is expansive!

While some are more traditional outdoor activities such as kickball, flag football, and soccer, others are new and different such as no-sew puppets, tissue paper-stained glass, and fingerprint fall trees. Everyone enjoys the balanced day which includes outdoor activities, indoor mindfulness crafts, and off-campus fun.

During their recent vacation, students visited the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History, the Cape Playhouse, Kent’s Point, the Edward Gorey House, and Fort Hill. Staff often provide scavenger hunts, like at the Edward Gorey house. (“In 1979, Edward Gorey purchased the 200-year-old sea captain’s home at 8 Strawberry Lane on the Yarmouth Port Common on Cape Cod, MA. After his death in 2000 the house became a museum, dedicated to Gorey’s life and work and his devotion to animal welfare,”.

Other times, the students can look forward to a fabulous theatrical production, such as The Crimson Pirates at the Cape Playhouse.

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