Reflections on the impact of Latham’s PWS consultations

For our Prader-Willi syndrome and special education communities (in case you missed our winter “LivingHealthy with PWS” Newsletter  and Tip of the Week), we’re spotlighting PWS consultations. For educators, providers, and caregivers in need of guidance related to specific challenges and needs of children and adults with PWS, here is a glimpse of how effective individualized consultations can be, in the words of recent consultation participants:

From Latham’s Consult Team:

Working with the student, parent, educational and nursing staff has been rewarding. It has been a pleasure getting to know the student and observing him in both his classroom and home environment. We look forward to returning for our next visit when we will follow up with his educational team and his extended school year programs, and we hope to see his continued success after implementing our recommendations.”  — Patrice Carroll and Katrina Fryklund*

 “The consultations have been an incredible source of support to the larger PWS community. We receive many phone calls daily inquiring about our program, and this is the first small step in ensuring we can help and support as many families as possible.  Patrice and Katrina go above and beyond to ensure both families and school personnel have the tools to best support individuals diagnosed with PWS in their current settings.  We are excited to continue these consultations as well as help many more families in the near future!”  — Brittni Kliment, Director of Program Marketing and Admissions

From the school staff at the consultation site:

“We have found your consultation to be very helpful and look forward to our follow-up visit. The staff are so grateful for all of the tools they have taken away from this.” – Director of Student Services

“On behalf of the entire team, thank you for your time and expertise; we found the workshop profoundly helpful to our work with [our student]. We began to introduce [her favorite staff’s] leaving and utilized a social story to introduce this transition. In addition, we’re working with [our student] to create her list of people who help her with school, feelings, or problems.” – Special Education Department Chair

Click here to hear our recent PWS University Podcast #7 in which Patrice and Katrina discuss recent consultations.

*About Patrice and Katrina:

Patrice Carroll, LCSW, Director of PWS Services: Patrice is internationally recognized for her expertise in Prader-Willi syndrome, and she has worked with individuals and families impacted by PWS since 1995. Patrice earned an MSW from Simmons College in Boston, she co-chairs the PWSA(USA) Professional Providers Advisory Board, and she is the United States delegate for IPWSO.

Katrina Fryklund, MSPC, Director of National Outreach: Katrina has been part of Latham Centers’ leadership team since 2013. She is co-editor/author of Latham’s LivingHealthy with PWS Cookbook series and has produced numerous resources at Latham Centers, including videos “And they said my child would never…” and “A Day in the Life.” Katrina works with parents and PWS Associations nationally and internationally, presenting at PWS conferences and producing materials to assist parents, guardians, and caregivers in the PWS community.

About Latham’s Consultation Offerings:

For 50 years, Latham’s mission-driven work has created brighter futures for individuals with disabilities. Latham Centers’ specialized multi-disciplinary team includes professionals with expertise in Special Education, Clinical/Social Services, Residential Treatment, and Staff Training. Our consultation services are customized for families, providers, and schools so they may better meet the needs of individuals with complex special needs. Consultations may include individual care, support and treatment, program development, classroom design, policy and protocol development, and training – in addition to clinical consultation regarding specific individuals. To learn more about Latham Centers’ consultations, please contact Katrina at

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