Rare Disease Day (Part 3): “Children and adults living with PWS face the world with such bravery and resilience… on this day we celebrate them”

“On Rare Disease Day, we celebrate the extraordinary people in our lives that show us what it means to be one of a kind,” said Latham Centers’ Patrice Carroll, LICSW, Director of PWS Services. “Children and adults living with Prader-Willi syndrome face the world with such bravery and resilience and on this day, we celebrate them and the blessings that they bring to our lives.”

We thank you for traveling on this Rare Disease Day journey In our third post highlighting additional students.

      • Hailey has a beautiful smile, and even puts her smile on when she has a challenging issue. She is so kind and caring, you can tell she has a beautiful heart…she is a genuine good-hearted person, she would like the whole world to be her friend. She stated that her wish was for everyone to be happy.

      • Nick is a funny young man. His love of opera and musicals is legendary. Even though he prefers Sierra Boggess to Sarah Brightman, we still have fun talking about musical theater.

      • Homer has a capacity to be excited about anything. He delights in the small things as much as the big ones. His smile makes others smile.

      • Thanks a bunch to Bridget for cutting me some slack when I didn’t remember her name (she remembered mine!) Her understanding and kind words made me smile that day.

      • Joselyn forms strong bonds; she likes to remember aspects of individuals so she can ask them pointed questions and better learn who they are as a person.

      • Anthony is a confident young man; he really enjoys lending a hand and works to have as much independence as possible.

      • Luke comes alive when music is involved, his favorite songs and singers speak directly to his core and the pride he displays whilst playing music is inspiring.

      • Peyton is quick witted and sassy with an independent streak. She is also caring, careful and astute; she has been a great addition to Latham.

      • Scarlet is our spider loving young lady and has a wonderfully fanciful imagination. She is a firecracker of happiness.

      • Logan does his best to assist whomever he can. He is generous, caring, and kind.

We look forward to sharing more inspirational quotes about our students! Happy Rare Disease Week!

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