‘PWS University’ highlights Liam, a recent Latham Centers graduate

On PWS University, our “Living Healthy” podcast series, Patrice Carroll and Katrina Fryklund share expertise and information about care for individuals with Prader-Willi syndrome. One goal of the podcast is to highlight all the positives in the lives of people with PWS.

They recently interviewed Liam – the second interview in their Student Podcast Series in which podcast listeners meet students at Latham Centers, most of whom have a PWS diagnosis. Katrina noted, “Liam just graduated from Latham Centers’ Children’s Services Program and is excited about his future. In the PWS University interview, Patrice and I talk with Liam about his experience at Latham; what he is looking forward to about adulthood; and advice that Liam has for kiddos and parents around the world in our PWS community. We’re so grateful to Liam for sharing his thoughts in this graduation-day interview. He told us he will miss his staff and his friends at Latham, as well as Special Olympics. We’re going to miss you, too, Liam!” 

In case you missed the first student interview in the podcast series, it is available here.

Download URL: https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/pjpc8r/Liam_Interview_202093_FINAL6sqpe.mp3

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