PWS University podcast features Latham School student Daniel

We have some exciting Latham Podcast news! On PWS University, our LivingHealthy with PWS Podcast series, Patrice Carroll and Katrina Fryklund focus on the most relevant information about Prader-Willi syndrome care, in addition to highlighting all the good in the lives of people with PWS. Katrina recently shared that they are initiating a new Student Podcast Series!

“We’ll be introducing our audio podcast listeners to many kiddos at Latham Centers, the majority of whom have a PWS diagnosis. Meet Daniel – an awesome kiddo who goes to school at Latham Centers, and also lives with his parents in Maryland during breaks. In this PWS University interview, we talk to Daniel about being a Campus Tour Guide, one of his many jobs at Latham Centers. Podcast listeners will learn about what Daniel likes about giving tours, what it’s like to have PWS, and a cool fact that about kiddos with PWS.”

Thank you, Daniel, for participating in our podcast!



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