PWS University Episode 12: Annika is a “Shining Example”

In our newest PWS University Podcast, listen to Annika, one of the first students ever to participate in recording a podcast one year ago . In her second interview, she discusses sharks and scary movies, the 2020 summer program at Latham Centers, the importance of creativity, coping skills that she finds most helpful, and what she wants to be when she grows up. 

Today’s TIP, directly from Annika and Patrice, is about what it means to be safe. In the podcast, Patrice talks about some of the significant areas of Annika’s growth, and Annika explains, “I learned [how to be safe] by [working with] my clinician,” and later, “Even if you’re upset, you can still be safe.”

Patrice Carroll, Latham Centers’ Director of PWS Services, is world-renowned for her Prader-Willi syndrome expertise. She works with Latham students and residents, their families, and other experts, continuously learning and teaching about PWS best practices. If you have PWS-related questions, we invite you to email

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