PWS Heroes! Student Anissa with Staffers Cooper and Mac AND Drew with Staffer Kristen

Anissa is the life of the party, and Mac and Cooper LOVE to work with her. Mac and Cooper are both Residential Supervisors and have truly impacted the lives of our residents! Anissa loves getting her hair cut and participating in fun activities hosted by our staff.

Everyone loves spending time with Drew, especially Kristen, who is hanging out with Drew at our Adult Program’s Bingo Night at the Latham Campus Expansion Site. Drew and Kristen and their shining smiles exemplify why Latham is such a special and engaging place to work.

PWS Awareness Month TIP of the Day: Rectal Picking.

Try putting zip-up pajamas on backwards to help reduce rectal picking at night. Unitards and tights can also work well. Think of barriers and supervision as the key to reducing picking.

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