Principal’s Corner: What’s new in the classrooms at Latham? Part 2

-2Our teachers (and students) on Latham Campus are so excited that the new school year has started! Each teacher recognizes the students’ individual strengths in which he or she gear the lesson plans around. The teachers, simultaneously, learn what skills the students need to improve upon and create fun and interactive activities. This continues from September 3rd Blog Post, which you can read HERE!
News about Nauset: 
Meghan Pouliot
The Nauset classroom has started the new school year with motivation and enthusiasm! Like every school year, students will be conducting engaging and hands on activities that develop their knowledge in all areas of their academics. This year, Nauset will also be focusing on building positive relationships with peers in other classrooms. Students in Nauset will be joining with two other Latham classrooms during the school week. With these classes, students will not only be building on their academics, but their social skills as well!
Brewster Falls “Falls” for Learning: 
Amie Gould
For the upcoming school year I wanted to create a bulletin board that put an emphasis on student writing and that would really showcase their work. Since it is the beginning of a new school year, I have created a blank canvas on the classroom bulletin board. The bulletin board includes colored bulletin board paper and an apple border. A calendar for the month of September has been placed in the middle of the border which includes a different writing prompt for each day of the month. The students in the Brewster Falls classroom have and will complete a different writing prompt at the beginning of each of their English/Language Arts (ELA) classes in their personal writing journals.  The first writing prompt was “What are you looking forward to this school year”? Students will write a final copy of their journal entry on special “apple” paper and it will be displayed on the classroom bulletin board for all to see!! This will help the Brewster Falls classroom get excited about the new school year and about writing too, as well as the rest of the Latham School who will get to enjoy the students work!  
Learning about Vocation at Latham: 
Andrea Brown
The Latham Works vocational program has embarked on many new and exciting projects for the upcoming school year!  This year, the students will continue working on designing monkey fist key chains, crafting hand weaved fisherman rope doormats, making exquisitely crafted fine soaps, constructing and painting furniture pieces, as well as a variety of other fun and innovative projects to come. Students will also continue to tend to Latham’s own blossoming Agway Herb Garden, by helping to water, weed, and harvest the area.  In addition to this, students will continue their vocational jobs on and off campus to allow the students opportunities to explore areas of interests as well as practice learned vocational skills first hand.  Make sure you stay tuned for more updates from Latham Works!


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