Principal’s Corner: the Latham Times – by students, for students

Congratulations to the Newspaper Club staff who just published the February edition of the Latham Times! The student newspaper is a creative endeavor that shares students’ interests, talents, and research. It features photos taken by students, articles about sports and games, a student “Ask a Question” column, word-search, and school calendar of events.

We’re so impressed by the articles, photography, and desktop publishing – our Education Team has done a fantastic job of helping Newspaper Club staff members produce this fun and informative publication! “Students have been working hard to put this together,” noted Special Education Teacher Jeffrey Lee.

Director of Education Kelly Dunn said students and staff loved reading the student newspaper. “It’s so impressive to see how all of the Newspaper Club staff brought their individual interests and personality into each step of this process.”

Pictured: Images of the Latham Times. For privacy, students’ names have been edited to include initials only.

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