Principal’s Corner: Teacher Appreciation Week


“To teach is to touch a life forever.”
Thank you for welcoming our new students and creating an environment built on respect Jess!
Thank you, Genna, for being creative with your curriculum and inspiring your students to pass the MCAS!
Thank you for incorporating sensory art and real-world practices into your daily instruction Amie!
Thank you for creating a classroom with open communication and friendships, Megan!
Thank you Jeff for focusing on the life-skill needs of your students and assisting them to achieve their goals!
Thank you Alanna for teaching our students about government and the world around us!
Thank you John for involving our students in the community and accompanying them to ensure success!
Thank you, Suzanne J., for helping our students dance and sing the day away!
Thank you, Suzanne RT, for aiding our students in achieving their mathematics goals.
Thank you for teaching healthy life skills and for getting our students moving every day, Monique!
Thank you for incorporating all of our students skills into meaningful vocational opportunities, Andy!
Our teachers dedication, compassion, and endurance has aided in the graduation of five students so far this year.  Thank you for all that you do. You are truly an inspiring group!
Kara McDowell
Assistant Principal

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