Principal’s Corner: Student’s remarkable transition credited to our dedicated staff

Our Children’s Program staff members continually impress me with their consistency, dedication, and ability to make Latham a place our students can call home. Although our supervisors express appreciation to staff as often as possible, in this Principal’s Corner I’d like to share one of our positive outcomes with Latham’s wider circle of colleagues, families, and friends.
We’re in the midst of several student transitions, watching some graduate and welcoming new children into our residential program. Although change can be challenging, I have witnessed hope and flexibility from our staff. We all work toward the same mission, each and every day improving the lives of the students we serve. And the impact of our work is powerful.
Last month, at new student Phoebe’s 4 Week Evaluation*, we were met with tears of joy from Phoebe’s mother and her outside collaterals. Phoebe’s life prior to Latham was full of fear and the constant drive to run away. Phoebe struggled to regulate herself and remain at a healthy “baseline”. She was running away from both home and school, putting herself into difficult situations, and engaging in extreme behaviors. At Phoebe’s meeting, her mom eloquently stated with tears in her eyes, “Phoebe never called me before, she would run away from home and never call me. Now she calls me every day. She tells me about school and what she did there, she tells me about what she did after school, and she tells me about the staff and students and how lovely they are. Phoebe never went to school before and now she is even playing sports! This is incredible. I got my daughter back, my Phoebe is finally back.” Phoebe’s mom and collaterals were amazed by the supports in place and the work that is done here to assist Phoebe.
The positive impact we are making on our new student and her family is the result of our incredible staff who are working with Phoebe day in and day out. Through their compassion and leadership, Phoebe has finally begun to stabilize and engage in the clinical work she previously ran away from. Many thanks to our compassionate, caring Children’s Services team for their consistency, dedication, and ability to make Latham a place our students can call home. As we continue to admit new students in the coming weeks and months, our staff will continue to be inspired, knowing that the work we are doing is life changing for them and their families. To our entire Latham staff: you are greatly appreciated.
Submitted by Kara McDowell, Assistant Principal

(Pictured above) the Latham School campus, where students are supported year-round by teams of educators, direct support professionals, clinicians, and nurses; and artwork by Phoebe.


*Name changed for privacy

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