Principal’s Corner: Latham students grateful for Beehive School Tools supplies

Upon the start of the school year here at Latham, our students gratefully received another amazing gift of school supplies from our friends at the Masonic Angel Foundation. The MAF carefully curated a collection of school supply kits to assist students with their classroom needs. To say that our students were excited to receive these fresh new supplies would be an understatement! The day that the Latham Works students picked up the supplies was super exciting, as you can see from the photo of one of our students receiving boxes of the donated school supplies from Robert Fellows, Co-Founder/Board President of the Masonic Angel Foundation. 

Robert Fellows said his organization is proud of its twenty-one-year partnership with Latham Centers. “We especially love the work Latham students do with our Beehive School Tools school supply kits, which are assembled for your students each year by the Latham Works team.  We love visiting with the students and hearing of their success with the school supplies.”

Thank you so much to the Masonic Angels and volunteers for supporting our school and students!

-Kelly Dunn, Director of Education

Pictured, the Masonic Angel Foundation (MAF) van with just a few of the Masonic Angel Foundation volunteers.  MAF volunteers worked hard for Latham students before the start of the school year, providing the components for a “Beehive School Tools” package for each student at Latham. Beehive School Tools is a true community project with Masonic members, friends, family, children, teachers, and even a school principal. They pulled together material to provide school supplies for over 4,500 Cape Cod children.

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