Principal’s Corner: Latham Hawks play in Special Olympics football tournament at Gillette

The Latham Hawks Football Team had the pleasure of playing at Gillette Stadium in the state Special Olympics tournament last month. The Hawks, who went undefeated at their qualifier, were one of many teams chosen to compete at the tournament. Students enjoyed a packed lunch and a walk through the “The Hall” at Patriot Place. Students got to see Super Bowl trophies and rings that their beloved New England Patriots have won over the years. Despite the frigid temperatures, the students were ready to play and gave it their all! Coaches Lauren Viera, Krystal Ketler, and Jadon DaSilva joined the team on the field and kept the energy going. Coaches Sadie Tansey, Danny Anderson, and Frannie Quirk manned the sidelines and helped the students stay hydrated and ready to play. The students were lucky to have a strong fan base at the games as well, with the largest fan turn out for a Special Olympics event ever! In the words of our Director of Education, “The students and staff were absolutely amazing. It was one of the coldest days this year, but they took that field head-on with a fierce Hawks attitude! They scored a few touchdowns and cheered on their teammates. The parent section was roaring – it was truly an incredible sight!”

The team played two games against strong opponents, and while the ending result wasn’t necessarily what the team was hoping for, the team left the stadium happy and excited about the opportunity! All the students were awarded medals and plenty of high-fives from coaches, Special Olympics officials, and local police officers. Everyone here at Latham is so proud of the students and coaches and commends them on a job well done this season!



Submitted by Kara McDowell, Assistant Principal

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