Principal’s Corner: Brewster Falls and Nauset Classrooms: Peer to Peer Mentoring 

This year the Brewster Falls Classroom and the Nauset Classroom have joined together for Social Studies!! Once a week the classes combine in the Library to read and discuss topics related to World History. The collaboration has been beneficial to the educators as well as the students. Another benefit from combining classrooms is peer to peer mentoring that can take place. Students in the older Nauset classroom can assist Brewster Falls with answering questions and conducting class activities.
Brewster Falls is helping Nauset learn the essential skills they need to help others. Combining classes is a great way for the students to meet and interact with their peers and can also be motivating for those that would not normally be enthusiastic about learning. The class has discussed topics such as, the Study of History, Hunters and Gatherers, the Agricultural Revolution, life in Ancient Middle East, The Sumerian Civilization, and Egyptians.


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