Principal’s Corner: Protecting Animals and the Environment

The students of the Long Pond classroom have been working diligently these past few weeks to complete their Biology projects.  We have been learning about ecosystems, and the animals that inhabit them.  Everyone learned about animals such as polar bears, and the thick fur and blubber they have to survive the bitter cold of the Arctic. We discovered Emperor Penguins cannot fly; instead they are equipped with flippers to swim after fish in the Antarctic waters. Students then learned of the dangers caused by humans to ecosystems around the world, and what they can do to protect it.
After careful planning, students chose an animal and the threats to their environment to research. The kids enjoyed learning more about some of their favorite animals like the Macaw Parrot and Spotted Seal. They found interesting facts about the animal, threats to their environment, and what they can do personally to help protect their animal’s habitat. Student’s came up with creative ideas from carpooling to recycling paper to stop deforestation! When everyone was done, the Long Pond classroom invited the other Latham School classrooms to come and take a look!


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