President’s Award for Outstanding Vocational Achievement

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Annually, at Latham Center’s End-of-Year Celebration the Principal, Vice-Principal, and Director of Children’s Services award an exemplary Latham Student who participates in community activities and serves as a peer leader. This year, in a heartfelt speech in front of 200, Brittni Taylor, Principal, and Kara McDowell, Vice-Principal, acknowledged Ben:
“We are pleased to be presenting the 2016 President’s Award for Outstanding Vocational Achievement. This award recognizes a student who has been enthusiastically involved in Latham Works and has developed significant progress in skills to become an active member of the Cape Cod community. Latham Centers prides itself in creating life-changing programs for our children with complex special needs. Latham Centers’ staff make considerable efforts to prepare students at Latham School for life after graduation.
Students in the Latham Works vocational program have truly excelled since the inception of this program and Latham Centers’ goal is to maintain 100% student employment. Within the Latham Works programs we strive to obtain as many vocational opportunities as possible for our students. The individual being recognized today is a shining star in all of their vocational placements.
This year’s recipient is being recognized for his personal growth within our vocational program. This individual has flourished in both on-campus and off-campus positions. He is described by his employers and job coaches as empathetic, dedicated, thoughtful, and engaging. It is rare to see this individual without a smile on his face. Best described by his teacher as “one of many Latham success stories,” this young man flourishes in all his academic achievements.
With his many successful opportunities at the Brewster Ladies library, Lavender Farm, First Parish Church, Orleans Bowling Alley, and Wyngate Senior Living, it is without question that we honor this exceptional young man. We are honored, and eager, to present the President’s Award for Outstanding Vocational Achievement, to Ben.”

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