Petting Zoo comes to Latham School: Animals charm students and staff

Latham students and staff were treated with a visit from Blazing Saddles Pony Parties and Petting Zoo last week! Funded by an anonymous donor who wanted to bring this activity to campus for our residents, the petting zoo was meant to be a special occasion that would bring smiles to the students’ faces. Mission successful! Not only were students smiling, but staff members were, too!

Miniature pig “Maui” was the crowd favorite, although the bunnies, goats, sheep, miniature donkeys, and miniature horses were all spectacular! Everyone remained engaged, asked thoughtful questions, and rotated from one petting pen to the other.

“I am so glad I came to Latham,” student Lily said. “People here really care if you’re happy or not!” Student Mathias asked, “Can we do this every year?!” Staff member Katrina commented, “If this doesn’t make your day, week, and month, I don’t know what could!”

We want to offer enormous thanks to the staff of the Petting Zoo, our donor and his family, and Patrice Carroll and the event planning team for putting this together! To learn more about Blazing Saddles and its rescue initiatives, please visit them at Farm | Blazing Saddles Pony Parties & Petting Zoo’s| Fairhaven.

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