Pet Sitting at Latham Centers


Peter Cooper welcomes Napoleon!!! As part of our Pet Care Program, Peter Cooper took part in an opportunity to dog sit for a cute little four legged friend named Napoléon, Nappi for short! Nappi is a miniature poodle who has a little bit of a disability as he only has the use of one eye. That doesn’t stop our little four legged friend! He runs around and plays and chases toys all the time!
Nappi stayed at Peter Cooper for a week during the month of August, and we were lucky enough to have him stay for a weekend at the beginning of October! He has made himself quite at home here at Peter Cooper. He runs around the house greeting visitors, and he loves to lay on the couch! The residents here take turns walking and feeding Nappi. They also take turns getting to have him sleep on their beds at night.  What a positive affect Nappi has had on the lives here at Peter Cooper and hopefully we have had the same effect on his!  We look forward to having more opportunities to pet sit.
To learn more about pet sitting at Latham Centers please click HERE.


Composed by:
House Manager, Trish Morgan



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