Patrice Carroll and Latham Centers’ Informational PWS Videos: 1 of 4

Patrice Carroll

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Patrice Carroll, Latham Centers’ Manager of PWS Services, is recognized worldwide for her expertise in Prader-Willi Syndrome care. Today marks the last day of National PWS Awareness Month and we are so happy to be part of this amazing PWS community. Patrice has filmed four videos which include Fostering Positive Relationships and Independence, De-Escalation during a Crisis, and Skin Picking. Today we show the Introductory PWS video. The other videos will follow throughout the month.
“I have personally witnessed, and we at Latham Centers have seen the incredible transformation of people diagnosed with the syndrome who have gone from living with extreme challenges and barriers to people living full, happy, quality, productive lives simply by putting the right pieces into place.” – Patrice Carroll
We invite you to contact Patrice Carroll and Latham Centers about our PWS Care: or 774.353.9260

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