Parent brings new online resource to PWS community: “BREATHE”

Our PWS Outreach team connected with Anne Fricke on her Walking with Freya Podcast in 2021 (click here to listen to the Latham team on the podcast). Anne continues to implement new and innovative resources for our Prader-Willi syndrome community and beyond, including a new website – Her site includes classes, community, and membership. We hope you enjoy learning more about BREATHE!

“BREATHE – Bringing Resources, Education, & Advocacy To Homes Everywhere – is a new and growing online space for families of individuals with disabilities and atypical needs. Created by the mother of a daughter with Prader-Willi Syndrome, BREATHE hopes to inspire and educate parents and caregivers on how to include self-care in their lives while offering education and skill-sharing to benefit the development of our loved ones with disabilities. With downloadable classes, resource links, free content, story sharing, and interactive community space, BREATHE strives to help families and caregivers in the disability community breathe a little easier….

When I think of the impact of BREATHE, I imagine a new parent overwhelmed with grief, fear, and isolation (like I was), connecting to the site and hopefully feeling relief. Seeing the faces of other parents, reading their stories in the blog, the list of resources available when they are ready, the courses ranging from self-care to education that benefit the development of their child, feeling comfort that there is a place to connect, to learn, to be reminded that there is hope and they will smile again someday. Maybe not today. But someday. That there are people who have come before and have sorted these things out. They don’t have to don that warrior garb just yet. They can know they are in good company, a strong community, and in that moment, they can settle into their chair and just breathe.” ~ Anne Fricke

Anne invites people to join the community at and sign up – at no cost! “There is free content available for those who are just looking. We plan to create a scholarship fund for families who need financial assistance for the classes. Anyone who wants to help with the fund can subscribe via Patreon. BREATHE is also on Youtube, Instagram, and now Tik Tok (because my teenager said it’s a must).”




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