Admissions and Outreach Team Shines on PWS Parent Podcast, “Walking with Freya”


Please don’t miss “Prader-Willi Strong with Latham Centers”

Anne Fricke, a parent of a beautiful daughter with PWS, produces a podcast for everyone involved in the PWS community. In Anne’s “Walking with Freya” podcast episode 78, Patrice Carroll, Brittni Kliment, and Katrina Fryklund discuss the Latham Centers program ranging from residential aspects, SMART Home development, peer groups, changes in PWS best practices, publications, and the growing and life-changing PWS Latham Centers virtual community. “This is one of my favorite episodes,” Anne said. “I can’t put into words how happy I am that there are people like these women in the world.”

The podcast focuses on the love and joy that embodies our world of PWS. While we cannot ignore the challenges associated with a PWS diagnosis, we can highlight all that is good about the person with PWS. Patrice discusses the changing mindset in the Prader-Willi syndrome community: “Kids with PWS don’t need to be in a punitive environment….the more that we can build them up, work on their strengths, and make them feel good about themselves, the better they are going to act.”

We encourage you to listen to the “Walking with Freya” podcast presented by Anne Fricke; it provides a truly amazing outlook on the world of PWS from a parent’s perspective. Thank you, Anne! And we couldn’t agree more about Patrice, Brittni, and Katrina and their incredible gifts and far-reaching impact!

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