Oyster 101 Training: Students Learn Skills in new Vocational Opportunity



Latham Centers constantly strives to create new vocational opportunities for both our children and adult residents. Established programs consist of Latham Works as well as partnerships with Community Businesses like Agway of Cape Cod, Rogers & Gray, the Y (to name a few). As our staff explore different prospects on Cape Cod, our inherent “blue economy” has presented itself as a wealth of opportunity.
As a result students are working with the Brewster Shellfish Department and Ryan Burch to learn Oyster Farming. The kiddos truly enjoyed this activity and were inquisitive about the wildlife and the habitat around them. Not only did they learn about oysters, but crabs as well!  Students will continue to go out on the Brewster Shellfish Grant throughout the summer where they will maintain an oyster trap and learn new “blue economy” skills!


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