Outgoing Board Chair Christine Gillstrom reflects on kindness, resilience, and hope

At our annual Year-End Celebration, Board of Directors Chair Christine Gillstrom welcomed students, families, and staff to the June 23rd event and shared her reflections on some of the extraordinary happenings at Latham Centers.

“I want to extend my gratitude to our teachers, staff, and administration for their dedication, expertise, and commitment to providing a safe, creative, positive, caring, and motivating learning environment for our students and residents,” Christine said. “I also want to thank parents, volunteers, committee members, community partners, and board members for the work you collectively do for Latham – on top of your “day jobs” – to ensure that we continue to be a vibrant, innovative, and world-renowned organization. Every day, we strive to keep our four core values – belonging, generosity, independence, and mastery – in the forefront of everything we say and do here at Latham… Let me share with you some of the things at Latham for which I am grateful:

~ I am grateful for the innovative creation of Zoom Storytime and the guest speakers who joined us each week.

~ I am grateful that the challenge of the pandemic showed us the opportunity to explore smart homes and the use of technology to offer a more independent lifestyle for our adult residents.

~ I am grateful for the RESILIENCE of our students and adult residents as they journey through life to become their best selves.

~ I am grateful for a community that promotes a deep belief in each person’s dignity, value, and uniqueness.

~ I am grateful for the extraordinary Latham educators, care providers, medical staff, and administration for their unfailing capacity to weave humanity, humor, and KINDNESS into the workday.

~ I am grateful for our collective capacity to HOPE, trust, and keep moving forward – despite the obstacles that sometimes block our paths.

As we look forward to the promise of our next fiscal year, my wish for each of us is that we recognize and are affirmed by all the good and hopeful things revealed to us during these challenging times! I look forward to another amazing year at Latham!”

All of us at Latham wish to thank Christine Gillstrom for leading our Board of Directors and providing support and guidance to our agency during a challenging time. President and CEO Anne McManus said we have relied upon her in so many ways. “She has been a steady presence, a creative visionary, and a passionate advocate and fundraiser. Somehow, Christine has managed to be all of these things with grace and a sense of humor.”



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