New Staff Arrive at Latham

June brings to Latham much joy and excitement. The Summertide program is just weeks away. The End of Year Celebration is coming up. Kids are going to the beach, playing outside after dinner, and enjoying the community we so joyfully live in. Adults are socializing after school or work, enjoying time in their yards, going to community functions, and being active participants here on the Cape. June also brings to the Cape a group of summer hires. Students home from college, interns seeking experience, new graduates embarking on their first job, or people changing their career course. Generally, our June Orientation class is one of the largest of the year and this one happens to be the largest class we have ever hosted. That always makes for lively discussion as we learn about them and they learn about Latham.

I have been fortunate to see our orientation program develop into a professional program that is a two week introduction to Latham and her mission. We are here during this time to educate new staff and help them understand the importance of their role and the impact they can have in their interactions with those we care for and support. We want well prepared staff walking into our community equipped with the knowledge and resources they need to do their job well. So, I am always interested to find out what brought them to us and where they see themselves in a few years as they begin to build or change their careers paths.

It is difficult to sum all up the comments I heard yesterday from this diverse group. Several are new to this field, several are new to the Cape. There were those with experience working in human services or non-profits, those with experience in education and performing arts, or experience in nursing. Some were returning after years away, some were friends of other employees. Many were college students seeking more knowledge in their field of study. What they each bring to Latham is important. Fresh eyes, curiosity, compassion, involvement, and enthusiasm all help make us a better, more vibrant organization. And if you wonder at all about the effect social media can have, know that quite a few in the room heard of Latham on-line or had someone recommend Latham to them on Facebook. So, share our posts, like us, follow us, and link to us!

Welcome to Latham Centers: Kim, Lyndsay, Cynthia, Allison, Alan, Shaun, Lynn, Michael, Elizabeth, Gracie, Jeanne, Evan, Christine, Cornelius, Lee, Katelyn, Krystal, Genna, Jacob, Todd, Bob & Kristen!

We are so happy to meet you!

Submitted by:
Chris Gallant

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