New Cottage Dorm Space Mimics Home-like Setting for our Students

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It’s so amazing when we get an opportunity to be able to interact with our students when they are just enjoying life. In the residential program, we work a lot on self-care skills and building independence. Additionally, our students often come to Latham without truly having had a true peer group to create friends and learn about positive relationships. Within Res, we strive to create opportunities for the students to work on these relationships and develop friendships as they discover common interests through a variety of activities, both on campus and in the community.
The wonderful new space in the Cottage dorm has allowed for the suite staff to host several activities in more “home”-like settings. Often on Thursday or Friday nights you will catch a couple of suites joining together for “Game Night”. The students play a variety of board games which allow for them to interact positively in a social setting, take turns, and focus on sportsmanship. It is a wonderful opportunity for staff to not only have fun with the students, but also to focus on role modeling to help develop realistic skills that they will use as they move through their teen years and into adulthood. The friendships and relationships our students make are often some of the most fulfilling experiences they have during their time here at Latham.

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