Monique Williams Honored at Board Meeting for NATSAP Teacher of the Year Award


NATSAP, the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs, has again recognized Latham Centers’ outstanding staff. Last year, Meghan Pouliot won the prestigious “Teacher of the Year” Award, and this year, Monique Williams came away with the win.
On December 2, 2016 Monique was honored by our Board of Directors for her outstanding work. Above, Board Chair, Jeni Landers, and Latham CEO & President, Anne McManus present her with gifts of appreciation from the Board of Directors and Senior Administration.
As a teacher, Monique is one of the best! Monique’s creative approach to both health and physical education curriculums have aided our students in being engaged and interested in physical activity, healthy eating, and personal growth and development. Monique has done an excellent job aiding our students in becoming physically active in variety of ways. She has implemented a yoga curriculum utilizing small body movements to practice deep breathing and calming techniques. She has created a weight training program using circuit rotations for large and small motor skills. Monique has taken a Sports Club that meets every Friday, and balanced both an educationally fun curriculum about the history of sports and matched it with full body activities such as ice skating and swimming.
Monique has taken her Sexual Education curriculum and implemented with modifications and materials that are able to be understood. Monique leads the Latham School Field Day every spring and enjoys creating fun activities for the students to engage in. She is conscious to choose different muscle movements so that each activity brings fun, but also physical activity. Her love for what she teaches is evident every day. Monique’s drive to help our students succeed is among the highest of all our employees.
Thank you Monique, for your hard work, and to our Board of Directors for truly recognizing the talents of our teachers.

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