Meghan Pouliot Awarded maaps 2017 Excellence in Teaching Award

It is our absolute pleasure and honor to announce that Meghan Pouliot has been awarded the maaps 2017 Excellence in Teaching Award. The Massachusetts Association of 766 Approved Private Schools (maaps) enables all children with special needs to have access to appropriate, high-quality educational experiences, and treatment. In October 2015, Meghan also received the NATSAP Excellence in Service Award (National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs) for her innovative programming and therapeutic practices.

Brittni Taylor, Principal, and Dylan, Student, both attended the ceremony and spoke highly of Meghan during the awards presentation. Additionally, Meghan’s family and a group of staff applauded Meghan from the audience.

Meghan has gone above and beyond in her role at Latham.  She is a strong, talented, and motivated leader amongst the education team.   Her creative approach to the curriculum contributes to the success in all of her students.  Meghan always takes the time to ensure that all of her students’ voices are heard and instills an amazing, safe, calm, trusting atmosphere in her classroom every day.

Brittni Taylor, Principal, and Kara McDowell, Assistant Principal, asked the students in Meghan’s classroom (Nauset), “Why is Meghan the best?” The students quickly responded to our question, which speaks magnitudes about Meghan’s work.  Gordon said, “She puts so much thought into the lessons she teaches us, and makes sure it is at the right level for our understanding!” Dylan said, “She helps me when I need her!” Thy said, “She shows her appreciation for us and cares about us.  She always shows us how much she likes to work with us!” Every single one of them said, “She supports us!”       

We want to express our overwhelming gratitude to Meghan for her work with our students.  She is honest, engaging, and hard-working, and she is always striving to be a better version of herself.  Thank you, Meghan, for your dedication to your students, your co-workers, and Latham! Please join us in congratulating Meghan on this incredible achievement!


Photos: (top)  Meghan with Latham Centers staffers (Left to Right – Anne McManus; Kara McDowell; Lee Chamberlain, VP of Operations; Meghan Pouliot; Brittni Taylor; Gerry Pouliot, Director of Education). (left) Meghan with her Mother, Father and student Dylan. (right) Brittni Taylor and Dylan at the Podium, with Anne McManus (CEO & President, Latham Centers) and Jim Majors, (Executive Director, maaps)


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