Meaningful Lives

At our Brewster residence, Angel S recently provided her knowledge and insight on “life after high school” at the PWS Conference held on Cape Cod. She was part of a panel and answered questions about her life at the Latham Centers. Angel also recently completed a course to become a volunteer for the Hospice of Cape Cod program, where she will be assisting clients of the program with various tasks on a weekly basis. She is currently creating Christmas ornaments to give to the people receiving Hospice services in hopes of brightening their lives. 

Jennifer T, who lives in the S Yarmouth residence  has been working regularly caring for the four donkeys in our asinotherapy program. She is very patient with the animals, and has demonstrated a strong commitment to caring for them.  She looks forward to her time with them each week, and has not missed a day of work yet. She has formed quite a bond with them, and has assisted in helping the two newest donkeys to acclimate to their new environment.

Submitted by,
Kathy vanEsselstyn
Program Supervisor

“Excellence is not a skill.  It is an attitude” 
~Ralph Marston

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