maaps schools participate in social media seminar by Denterlein

Latham Centers joined colleagues from other Massachusetts special education schools for a comprehensive social media seminar today. Presented by public relations professionals from Denterlein, the workshop was packed with social media tools.

Many of our Massachusetts Association of 766 Approved Private Schools (maaps) executives and communication professionals attended the afternoon session. The maaps Public Relations Committee was the catalyst for the workshop. PR Committee co-chair Anne McManus, Latham President, attended the social media workshop and said it was a great way for participants to develop relationships with our colleagues from maaps member schools, share ideas, and learn from experts in the communications field.

We are grateful to maaps for organizing this professional development opportunity, to Denterlein for their presentation and incredibly helpful social media planning and analysis tools, and to Gifford School in Weston for hosting the event.


Pictured above: Anne McManus from Latham Centers and Elizabeth Peters from Cotting School, co-chairs of the maaps Public Relations Committee, the catalyst for today’s social media workshop.

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