maaps schools featured in Exceptional Parent Magazine

Latham Centers is a proud member of maaps (the Massachusetts Association of 766 Approved Private Schools), and we’re pleased to share an article entitled Personalized Learning for Exceptional Students, which highlights the ways some of our colleagues at other special education schools in Massachusetts inspire their learners. Written by James Major, Executive Director of maaps, the article published in the November Exceptional Parent Magazine shares examples of maaps member schools’ implementation of innovative educational programs adapted to their student populations. Featured programs include music theory lessons at the Landmark School, student-led yoga classes at The May Center, the annual Science Fair at the Perkins School, and the Adaptive Physical Education program at the Kennedy Day School.

In his piece, Mr. Major writes, “I have been so impressed when I learn about all the member schools across the state. I want to share with you just a few stories that illustrate the range of ways exceptional children can make exceptional progress in school.”

Personalized learning is the key, Mr. Major notes: “For Massachusetts schools that focus on providing the highest quality education to students with special needs, personalized instruction is just as exceptional as the “exceptional children” being served: starting every day with a music-theory brain teaser; supporting a non-verbal student leading yoga classes through his speech device; helping a blind student identify a scientific question she’s passionate to explore for a science fair.”

Mr. Major’s feature story is such a wonderful illustration of how maaps member schools are making a difference in the lives of thousands of children and their families. Kudos to James Major and the staff at every school featured in Exceptional Parent Magazine!

More about maaps: The Massachusetts Association of 766 Approved Private Schools was founded in 1975 as a statewide association of approved private special education schools dedicated to providing educational programs and services to students with special needs. Maaps members (including Latham Centers) are approved by the Mass. Department of Elementary and Secondary Education under the state’s special education law, Chapter 766. The organization represents 81 member schools serving approximately 7,000 children with special needs from Massachusetts, as well as other states and countries. Membership in maaps signifies a commitment to excellence and ethical integrity. Latham Centers joins maaps in its belief that all children with special needs should have access to appropriate, high-quality educational experiences and treatment options which are necessary for their individual growth and development.

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