Local professionals visit Latham students on Career Day

A lieutenant from the Brewster Police Department and two professionals from the Brewster Water Department were among six Career Day presenters who shared their stories with Latham School students last week. Children’s Services Support Staff Catherine Gaudet organized the special event, noting, “We wanted to create an event that would allow the kids to be more connected with the community in which they live – and vice-versa.” It was a great opportunity for students to meet people in our community and learn about the presenters’ roles in their chosen fields. The six guest presenters rotated through the Latham classrooms Friday morning, sharing highlights of their careers and answering students’ questions.

Lieutenant George Bausch shared information about law enforcement, his department, and the education and training involved in becoming a police officer. Lt. Bausch has been with the Brewster Police Department since 1982, and he recalls many occasions they have been invited to our campus for fun special events. “We all like to say hi when we can,” he said.

Superintendent Paul Anderson and Jeffrey Sabatino from the Brewster Water Department shared their vast knowledge of water with students. Jeffrey works in water treatment and in the field, along with 8 team members who make sure the Brewster drinking water is good. (Brewster’s drinking water quality is ranked among the best in the nation, Paul told students.) Paul and Jeffrey talked about where the drinking water comes from, teaching students about our aquifer, how water is treated and distributed, and the destination of Brewster’s water (approximately 1,500 hydrants, plus homes and businesses). Paul said, “It’s a great field – we love it,” passing out refillable water bottles, pencils, and rain gauges to students.

Sincere thanks to our community presenters! We’ll share more Career Day highlights in upcoming blog posts this week.

Photo caption: Community members presented at Career Day on Friday, August 17th, including: P.O.2 Josh Brodeur (Coast Guard); Lt. George Bausch (Brewster Police Department), Paul Anderson and Jeffrey Sabatino (Brewster Water Department), Jennie Macdonald (Registered Nurse), and Sarah Mason (Cape Cod Nail Company).

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