Living Healthy and Happy with PWS: Jolly Jaunt reflections by Derek

The writer, Derek Montecalvo, is a participant in Latham’s Adult Services Residential Program and has shared numerous articles on our blog about his experience “living and thriving” with Prader-Willi syndrome. Here, Derek reflects on a recent fundraiser for Special Olympics:

Living Healthy and Happy with PWS

By Derek Montecalvo

On Sunday, December 2nd, I ran in the Hyannis Jolly Jaunt for Special Olympics Massachusetts along with Adult Services Director Gina Sheehan and Assistant Director Benjamin Mundy. The Jolly Jaunt is a 5K race starting at the Resort and Conference Center in Hyannis on Scudder Avenue through Hyannis Port and ending back at the Resort and Conference Center. This event is one of many events held throughout the year to fundraise for Special Olympics Massachusetts Cape & Islands Chapter. Together, team Latham met their goal of raising $100 for Special Olympics athletes and programs of the Cape and Islands.

Altogether, team Latham raised a total of $185 from participating in the Jolly Jaunt. Although the day of the race was rainy and slightly chilly, it didn’t stop team Latham (including me) from racing this 3.5 mile race. Our final time was recorded as 52 minutes and 35 seconds. Team Latham hopes to get more staff members and even adult residents to participate in this event and other fundraising events in the future. I hope others will follow my example of bravery and determination to finish this 5K race in not the nicest conditions!

From all of us at Latham Centers, congratulations to Derek, Ben, and Gina for your inspirational participation in this year’s Special Olympics Jolly Jaunt! Pictured above: Derek (right) is all smiles with Ben Mundy following his rainy-day run in the Jolly Jaunt.


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