Living and Thriving with PWS: Part II


What being a Latham Player means to me:
There are many responsibilities that come with being a Latham Player.  We practice typically once or twice a month.  We then perform at many different places throughout the year.  It’s anywhere from a church to a special event we’re invited to.  Practices need to be attended with no unexcused absences in order to keep our commitment of being a Latham Player.
Throughout my youth I have been a part of the arts in many different ways.   I was in my high school drama club and did theater camps during the summer.  I also have had the privilege of being a black box actor for a couple years doing productions as big as Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.”  I also was in Chorus from elementary all the way to high school.  This gives me experience with singing and toning my voice as well.
As a Latham Player I represent the team as having the most theatre experience prior to joining.  One idea our group prides ourselves on is equality.  With each performance we do, different roles are given to different individuals.  They might not always be the spotlight roles but help the team produce our show.  This year the Latham Players have been invited to perform at the Latham School’s 2015 End of Year Celebration
We are doing a few songs to celebrate this year’s students and graduates.  Any of us are welcomed to say something to this year’s class.  Also some of us have been given the lead roles in the songs. We are representing our team in front of the students and administration at the school, as well as the Board of Latham and parents of Latham students.  We need to be welcoming and at our very best.  This is going to be a ceremony to remember, because the best theatre group on Cape Cod is a part of it.  I’m honored to have the opportunity to show the Latham students and graduates what we are all about!!   

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