Living and Thriving with PWS


Relationships part 2
Previously I’ve talked about what it’s like having a romantic relationship for people with PWS.  Over the course of my relationship with Rachel I’ve had time to reflect on my life’s journey.  Growing up with PWS was never easy and the transition into adult life was even harder.  Maturing for an individual with PWS involves learning how to deal with emotions like stress and anxiety.  A major part of handling my stress and anxiety comes from having a great support system. Both my parents and Rachel are strong supports for me, and for this I am incredibly grateful.
Being in this relationship with Rachel has helped me to learn how to best talk about problems and find resolutions. Talking our problems out helps me a lot when it comes to handling my stress and anxiety.


*Living and Thriving with PWS is a monthly blog column by Derek M., a 25 year-old Latham adult resident with Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS), who has resided on Cape Cod for over three years in a home managed by Latham Adult Services with fellow residents also diagnosed with PWS.


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