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My most memorable performances as a Latham player:
Over the course of the 3 years of being a Latham player we’ve done many memorable performances.  The performances that have been most memorable for me are the CapeCodCAN! performances in Cotuit.  They are held in May at the Cotuit Center for the Performing Arts.  Many organizations Cape-Wide perform 5-10 min acts.  Each year there is a different theme for the performance.
The theme for the first one the players were a part of was called “Waiting for Oscar”. Each organization did a 10-15 min piece on a Broadway musical or from a hit movie.  The Latham Players chose “Annie” and we put together a 10-15min skit.  I played the role of the con-man Rooster.  We sung the popular songs “Tomorrow” and “Together at Last”.
The theme for our most recent performance was “Scary Gary’s Golden Oldies Radio Show”.  We performed our own choreographed adaptation of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”.  I had the role of rapper Vincent Price and wore a grim reaper outfit and held a spooky staff.  We had practiced the routine for 4 months prior therefore, I sung the spooky rap.  By the end of the performance our act was so good that we got a standing ovation from the audience.  It was a scary good time!!

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