A Letter from Lee Chamberlain: February Recap at Latham Centers

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This past month we had the opportunity to witness the graduation of a prominent student from our campus, we had a Valentine’s Day Dance in our Adult Services Program, and a Valentine’s Dinner in our Children’s Program.  Each of these occasions brought to my mind an overwhelming undertone of the sense of belonging — for not only the children and individuals we educate and support, but also to each of us as staff.  Each of our students and individuals gain so many skills and make so many memories here at Latham.  Our staff do the same.  I know that I have continued to grow professionally, learned, and made great memories here at Latham. 
Rachel’s (our graduate) speech highlighted her friendships and her positive memories of Latham and spotlighted the work each one of us do daily. Latham gave her a safe place to live, Latham helped her make friends, and Latham assisted her in achieving her goals.  Rachel belonged at Latham and was an active part of our community here.  While she will be missed dearly, I know we are all so proud of all the work she has accomplished!  This happens each day in our programs. 
Rachael’s graduation gave us an opportunity to showcase our programs. It was also very important to us that we could showcase one of our most positive celebrations to three prominent community members.  Senator Julian Cyr, MAAPS Executive Director Jim Majors, and MAAPS Director of Government Affairs and Communications Michael Mullen all had the pleasure of attending this special ceremony.  It was clear to all three attendees the hard work, dedication, and compassion each of our staff demonstrate.  Each of our February events demonstrated to all the home-like feel of our small, close-knit community.  It was clearly evident that our staff work every day to help our students and adults obtain mastery, generosity, independence, and a sense of belonging. 
Lee Chamberlain
VP of Operations

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