Learning about the Future of Adult Housing at Latham Centers: The Changing Tides of Assistive Technology

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On Thursday, January 26th, approximately 30 staff from across Latham Centers benefitted from a presentation by Jennifer Peterson, DDS Regional Quality Enhancement Director. Jennifer specializes in up-to-date technology, specifically in the field of Adult Special Needs Care. Thank you, Jennifer, for educating our staff on the changing tides of technology in our field!
Assistive Technology is imperative to understand as it provides modern day solutions to complicated mobility and other assistive technology needs. The first step is assessing the individualistic needs of each resident. Does that resident have mobility issues, and if so, how and why? Could that person better benefit from new technology, like an iPad, to help assist him or her in day-to-day tasks?
Ultimately, it is critical to understand the limitations, challenges, and frustrations of each resident and to ask ourselves, how can this be remedied? What is important in motivating each of our residents to seek greater independence? The dynamic is shifting in today’s world, and Latham Centers is engaged and excited about the future.

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