Latham’s virtual PWS Community creates new opportunities


Our Virtual Storytime for the Prader-Willi community continues!  In May 2020, Latham Centers’ PWS Outreach team started a Virtual Storytime for individuals with PWS across the country who were spending more time at home than ever. That Virtual Storytime has spiraled into an amazing Virtual PWS Community that has helped friendships blossom. Now, over a year-and-a-half later, we look back with gratitude at what has come of this supportive community. Attendees are meeting new people, creating meaningful relationships, and even learning how to draw – all over Zoom!    

Last month, Katrina Kozak led the students through a drawing activity in which they learned how to draw an elf. These wonderful elves were proudly drawn and shared by some of the class participants. Go ahead and try this drawing at home — as we say in class, there are no mistakes in art! Start at step-1 and work your way up to step-36!

Our team currently offers four online opportunities for children, as well as one for adults. If you’d like to learn more about our online PWS community offerings, please reach out to Ashley Pouliot, Admissions Assistant, who will gladly send your our virtual services menu:


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