Latham’s Adult Services Halloween Bash


Latham Centers’ Adult Residents are gearing up for a Halloween Bash! On Friday evening, adult residents from our twelve residential homes, as well as Shared Living Programs, are invited to participate in a Halloween gathering at the Sandwich residence. Activities will include a delicious dinner, games such as Bingo and dancing. From 5:30-7:30pm the adults at Latham Centers, dressed in costume, will mingle with friends and celebrate this fun holiday. Halloween Goody Bags will be dispersed to each resident, with limited candy, but more FUN, non-edible items.
As is always the case with holidays centered around sweets and/or dining, it is important for the staff at Latham Centers to work with the residents to produce a safe environment, while still allowing the luxuries of a festive holiday. Thanks, Kris and AJ, for spearheading the Halloween Bash and making it possible.

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