Horticulture at Latham

Screen shot 2015-08-27 at 1.32.54 PM*Click on photo to view slideshow

Latham Centers’ vocational program, both on and off campus, has been growing over the course of the past year. Both staff and Latham Centers’ Board has put emphasis on the important qualities necessary for employment. According to the MA Dept. of Labor, only 17.1% of peoples with disabilities were employed in 2014. Latham is working with area businesses to change this statistic and to teach those at Latham Centers valuable work skills. Look here to learn about the Agway Herbal Garden, or look here to learn about Ben’s work at the Cape Cod Lavender Farm.
Community involvement has also been a focus as of late, and often local florists donate flowers in which students can learn to trim plants and make beautiful arrangements. Some of the learnt processes can be seen in the slideshow HERE as well as some special deliveries to beloved staffers!



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