Latham Works

Screen shot 2015-09-07 at 8.28.33 AMClick on photo to view slideshow.

Recently we have been posting short slideshows on our Blog highlighting Latham Works and the great skills the program teaches students at Latham Centers. How better to see our students in action than in a photo?! According to the MA Dept. of Labor, only 17.1% of peoples with disabilities were employed in 2014. Latham seeks to put a dent in this statistic by teaching it’s students, through hands on experience, valuable skills that can be utilized in a real work environment. Specifically, in the Soap Making program, students are improving upon their fine-motor skills by pouring the soap into molds while simultaneously practicing their creativity and independence when selecting which molds and colors to use. Moreover, Latham Works sells these crafts, and they have even been highlighted as wedding gifts! Click HERE or on the above photo to view the slideshow!
To learn more please contact Kara McDowell at 774.353.9264 or


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