Latham University

Children’s services will be introducing a weekly training series called “Latham University”.  It is an extension of the orientation training that we now try and pack into two weeks.  Frankly, it takes more than 2 weeks to acquire the skills and knowledge to work with our complex populations.  Beginning Wednesday, January 4th, and every Wednesday thereafter from 12 to 1 pm in the old training room in the basement of the school house, we will be reviewing 12 weeks of topics including:

  • How to use Therap, an introduction of trauma informed care
  • How our behavior support system works 
  • How to make healthy relationships with our students.  

Each week will be a new topic.  These are trainings which are beneficial to all Latham staff including adult services staff.  We have designed the series to repeat and be refreshed every quarter.  They will be led by school administrators, supervisors, and clinicians but contributions from participants are always welcomed.  Participants will be paid for their attendance and will earn credits towards their annual 24 hours of training.  All new hires to the children’s program will be expected to attend until they complete the 12 modules.

Contributed by:
Jonathan J. Smith, LICSW
Director of Children’s Services

“You don’t understand anything until you learn it more than one way.” 
~Marvin Minsky

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