Latham students reflect on their ‘Special Place with Lots of Support’

In recent weeks, students at Latham Centers have beautifully articulated their feelings through writing – focusing on the positives and their experiences of support on campus. Below are three examples we’re pleased to share:  

“Latham means so much to me, but let me first start with my friends. My friends are always there for me, they help me through hard times. They help me with the pain… coping with hard things. Now let’s talk about the staff. The staff are always there to help me and when I am going through a lot there is always so many people that want to help me through my hard time and don’t want me to be struggling/in pain. I love that there is always someone there for me and there to help me. Even though I might push people away I know that they are just trying to help and are trying to be there for me. I really appreciate everything that the staff and the students do for me here at Latham. ❤” –Student (soon to turn 18)


I feel like I belong here at Latham. Latham has shown me that I belong, that I do matter. Even through the struggles that I face, Latham has still shown me that I belong. I feel heard and understood by others. Belonging is what Latham doses best. Latham has shown that each student belongs here and has the guidance to overcome their toughest obstacles and they have heroes by their side guiding them along the way. This is why I feel like I belong here.  – Student (age 20)

“see me as me”

Look me in my eyes and tell me that “I am worth it”, look me in my eyes and tell me that you understand, look me in my eyes and tell me that I belong, look me in my eyes and tell me that I can get through this because we are all fighters and we can get through any obstacles that we may be faced with. We are blessed to have loving and supportive heroes by our side. We will not give up, we will not, we will not, we will not give up. We will not fail, we will not, we will not because we are constant fighters and will always be fighting. – Student (age 20)

Our Children’s Program team members who shared these student reflections noted, “As change due to the pandemic extended from one week to two, then one month to two…. the kiddos at Latham Centers have continued to work on their coping skills to help with concerns and anxiety. Their words uplift us and remind us of the impact of this special place of support and hope.”

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