Latham Students Reach Out

The students at Latham Centers, led by the members of the Student Council, have focused this year on reaching out not only to the Latham Community, but to the larger community as well. In September, newly elected members of the Latham Student Council agreed in their first meeting that they would like to concentrate this year on how they could help to improve life at Latham as well as improve the life of others outside of Latham. They have invited the Educational Director, Assistant Residential Director and Head Cook, to discuss such campus issues as bringing lap tops to school, buying new shower curtains for the residences and making some changes in the  menu (3 bean salad is not a favorite!) More telling, however, of the generosity of these students is what they have accomplished to help those in need. During the fall they made crafts to sell at the Holiday Craft Fair. This year they decided that all profits would be donated to a worthy cause. Many worthy causes were discussed, but the decision was made to donate over $500 to St. Jude’s Hospital. All agreed that this gave us all a good feeling, and the decision was made to sponsor a clothes drive to collect and donate warm clothing to Noah Shelter, a shelter on Cape Cod for people who are temporarily without a place to live. Many boxes of clean, warm clothing, from winter jackets to boots and scarfs, were collected and delivered by members of student council. Seeing the children at the shelter, and hearing the thanks from the Director of the shelter, made students anxious to find other ways they can help.

Their next project was to collect canned goods for the local Food Pantry. Having learned in class that the economy has hurt donations, Student Council members, proud of their past efforts, were sure they could make a difference, and they did. Many bags of canned goods were collected and delivered for the use of those who need a hand up. Currently they are planning on ways to beautify the Latham Campus. They have invited the Director of Maintenance to their next meeting to discuss areas that classrooms can “adopt.” Once these areas are decided on, classrooms will plant and care for their area throughout the spring, summer and fall. 

All who work and live at Latham agree, our students are special, in their kindness, in their willingness to help to make the world a better place and their ability to work together to make it happen.

Kathy Thonet
Assistant Principal

“Always be a little kinder than necessary.” 
~James M. Barrie

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